Interview with Igor Salindrija (EEGReport Magazine – Issue 1 – October 2015 – January 2016)

EEGReport Magazine: As we know you are involved in the industry for a long time now and also founded AskGamblers and grew it into the world’s largest, most influential, multiple award-winning authority for online casino reviews, ratings and complaints. How much has the igaming industry evolved in the recent 10 years around the world, but especially have you seen significant growth in Eastern and Central Europe recently?


Igor Salindrija: Not at all. I work parallel in tech industry, residing in the heart of Silicon Valley where we’ve seen the greatest inventions in the past decade such as smartphones, electric cars, reusable rockets, printers for human organs, crypto currencies etc, and then I also work in the industry where the biggest innovation is a mobile-friendly website. The biggest growth I can think of is the number of new white-label casinos… and WordPress blogs… but they’re not all optimized for mobile. Yet.

Few of the largest affiliates are from Eastern and Central Europe.

EEGReport Magazine: How big is the impact of having large affiliate portals being present in Eastern Europe? Do operators feel at home by knowing they are entering markets where certain affiliates have businesses?

Igor Salindrija: If “certain” means the largest I’ve already mentioned above, then I’d frankly say they won’t be able to help much. These markets are quite small comparing to the West Europe, Scandinavia, Australia, Canada and other huge markets where big affiliates operate. They should address the smaller affiliates focused on these markets. There are a few decent ones as far as I know.

EEGReport Magazine: Do you see an opportunity for beginner affiliates, which are at a rather high number in Eastern Europe, to start new companies and maybe innovate the already innovated affiliate industry?

Igor Salindrija: If this industry needs something, then it’s innovation. We don’t need yet another casino reviewer or forum. We need problem solvers. If your idea is really needed to the world, or at least solves one single problem to anyone, you’re ready for the game. And feel free to pitch me your idea, maybe we can help! Or you can be another reviewer or forum, but you’ll have to be better than the rest. It wouldn’t be the easiest job, but it’s still possible.

EEGReport Magazine:In your opinion, which are the most popular ways of online gambling in the Eastern and Central European region? Casino, sportbetting, online poker or maybe bingo?

Igor Salindrija: We do only casinos, but I’ve seen a lot of sportbetting around. Poker is game over for the new guys and bingo is still around in smaller portions. Actually, it doesn’t matter at all. Whatever your choose, be sure to keep the focus on it for a long time and say “no” to the most opportunities that come along. I believe if you focus enough you can make a multi-multi-million business out of anything, even scratch cards or backgammon.

We don’t care if something else works better at the moment, because we have a long term vision and path how to get there, and no stress and pressure for chasing opportunities.

EEGReport Magazine:We have seen an increased activity in the Balkan region that may indicate moving towards a regulated market. Do you think that this is something to likely happen in the next 2 years?

Igor Salindrija: Apart from living and working from here, we don’t operate much in Balkan countries. Neither do any of the large casino affiliates I know. This could be a great opportunity for the new affiliates who are experiencing difficulties on the competitive markets. As far as I’m informed, there is more happening than before, definitely. It’s good timing to prepare for those upcoming markets, at least register your domain on time!

EEGReport Magazine:Which are the countries operators should look forward to welcome foreign companies to get licensed in online gambling?

Igor Salindrija: I always hoped it would be my Serbia, but it hasn’t happened, yet.  I’m still looking forward to the government recognizing this opportunity and legalizing online gambling anytime soon. That would be a huge step forward.

Thank you!



Igor is an entrepreneur, Founder and CEO of AskGamblers, whose mission is to build the trust within the iGaming industry. He has had a lifelong passion about design, technology and outdoors adventures. His interests yielded multiple successful products across several markets, serving millions of people.

Igor built and grew AskGamblers into the world’s largest, most influential, multiple award-winning authority for online casino reviews, ratings and complaints. AskGamblers is constantly pushing boundaries and setting the standard in the gambling industry.

Recently, Igor and his highly talented team dove into exciting new venture, working on a unique tool that will make communication between team members easier.

Igor grew up in Serbia, and today he lives with family in beautiful San Francisco, California.