Affiliate-SuperStars-Sikita Ndanga Christophe – (EEGReport Magazine – Issue 4 – October 2016 – January 2017)

EEG: Imagine that we are holding a book that contains the story of your life. What can we read in the first pages of your existence? Who were you until this very day?

– A simple man trying to make his way to this world

EEG: We’re skipping a few pages to a more recent chapter, the beginning of your business. How did it came to you and what were the first steps?

– Well I was a gambler at the beginning (still am haha) …. Started promoting poker then moved to casino/slots and here I am  .

EEG: How did this job influence you in what you are doing, and how did you managed to integrate this in your day-to-day life? How much time do you spend doing this?

– In the beginning it was hard, a lot of working hours … days and nights spent on building up the network, apps and everything we have today. I am very happy now.. I can afford almost everything normal, can go anytime in holidays, no more stress and yes I have more FREE TIME then before.

EEG: What are the key markets you are targeting?

– Mainly UK&EU to be honest … but we get good amount of players from Canada and Australia too.

EEG: I noticed that one of the key points in your business is the simple, yet very effective software. What other things come together to make Slots4Play what it is today?

– Patience and smart hard work , combine these together and in 2-3 years you can make it  .

EEG: Were there any moments when you thought things might not go so well? And if so, how did you overcome them?

– I believe its normal to have concerns about profit and loss and to be honest I have these days too , for example this summer I expected less from what we have and focused a lot on building up more sites and improving the apps … and we ended up loads of players and I can say that August was the 3rd best month in terms of income and acquisition this year so far ….
– I usually prefer to expect less and be happier at the end …

EEG: Tell us about the mechanism behind the web site and the people working to sustain it and the content.

– We are a small team of 6, 3 for content, my girlfriend is doing the social media coverage, the guy with the app updates and me doing everything else in order to maintain everything up to date.

EEG: What are the things you rely on, when it comes to creating the web site content? And how do you manage to separate the “good info” from the “bad, useless” info?

– Well it’s very hard to find somebody good with content these days and once you find the right guy just stick with him … Usually I look for somebody who actually is gambling himself so therefore he will know about the new game releases and stuff like this.

EEG: You interact on a daily basis with Affiliate Managers. Tell us about your experiences with them, and what would you improve?

– In the first years I use to spend a lot time talking to affiliate managers, now I’m just straight-forward. I tell them what I need and that’s it.

EEG: Where do you see the gambling industry in the next 3 years? Or maybe 10, let’s say 10 years from now. It’s 2026 and we are looking at the industry. What can we see, considering the direction we are heading today?

– I believe at some point USA might open its doors as well many new casinos will come and go … to be honest I don’t really care at this point …

EEG: If you would have full liberty to change anything in the casino affiliate system, what would that be?

– I would love to see live tracking and more information about my players….

EEG: What do you think debuting affiliates should look forward to, in order to have a beautiful uplifting experience in this industry?

– To be honest I don’t know …. Well I guess working hard? Be unique in their own way? … you tell me haha  .

EEG: How is the famous search engine Google contributing to your web site’s existence in the virtual space? Is it helping or isn’t it?

– I’m ok with google, doing well at the moment … Still we try not to focus a lot on this area…

EEG: Do you have a celebrity that inspired you, or maybe some famous person that motivates you?

– Nope

EEG: Consider YouTube is closing forever. What would your last search be about?

– Don’t know …. I guess others sites involving video sharing … 

EEG: We’ve seen a lot of iGaming conferences lately. Is there any conference you would like to attend? Have you ever participated to a conference and left with a “bag of beautiful memories”?

– I have some good memories at LAC, Amsterdams and Sigma (Malta) … never went to Berlin … I guess I have to try this one too …

EEG: What do you think of today’s affiliate conferences? Is there anything you would change about them?

– The only thing that’s wrong with these conferences is when you have to register or pick up your badge !!!!

EEG: Tell us a bit more about yourself. If you could travel anywhere in Eastern Europe, where would your first stop be and why?

– Maybe in Ibiza a bit …. Just for the parties and stuff …

EEG: What about a place where you wouldn’t even stop for a coffee, and just drive by the whole region?

– Well Turkey …. You never know what could happen to you at any time …