Angelo Dalli – Interview – (EEGReport – Magazine – Issue3 – June – September 2016)

EEGReport Magazine: Hi Angelo, first of all let me congratulate you for the recent award you received with Bit8. Best B2B application award at the Malta Communication Authority eBusiness Awards, sounds good! What’s the feeling you got? We’ve seen the photo, you seem really happy! We were delighted to receive the award. It’s always nice to be recognised for all the hard work that we have put in, but it is even more special on my home island of Malta. I also hope that it means we know what we’re doing and are good at helping our clients! Could you fill us in on the details regarding your platform? As I know you have added an AI to the software to help with behavioral segmentation. Does this help operators in their retention campaigns?

business-news_01_temp-1337501361-4fb8a6b1-620x348Angelo Dalli: We’ve been using AI for some time and think it’s very important and very cost-effective. It can make your operations more efficient, as well as making players happier. It allows the automatic triggering of communications in a timely manner and ensures bonuses are sent at exactly the right time. It can also match players to the right incentives, without requiring an army of customer support people gathering intelligence behind the scenes. It recognises the game play of current players and similar ones and makes recommendations for complementary products within vertical to aid retention. It can also cross sell into more profitable verticals, which again keeps hold of the player.

EEGReport Magazine: Since our interest is developing the gambling industry in Eastern and Central Europe, some of our partners are looking for geo-located support.  Does your platform support that? 

Angelo Dalli: Of course, geo-location is very important and it is very much part of our platform offer. It is capable of blocking a player according to his IP address or his registered address. It also tracks current IPs of players and supports segmentation of those players according to location. This allows us to segment acquisition and retention offers, but also tailor compliance messaging. We’re very keen to expand in Eastern Europe and realise geo-locating is important. As a result, we’ve recently set up an office in Sofia to improve our offering here.

EEGReport Magazine: Is the Bit8 CRM system available as a standalone system as well, or just on the Bit8 platform? How about land-based casinos?

Angelo Dalli: Our CRM account management is for online and is available as part of the Bit8 platform. We offer a standalone system for land-based lotteries through our partnership with Intralot. Having a standalone one for online wouldn’t make sense for us at the moment. We do offer support for land-based casinos who make the switch over to online, however. This allows them to take advantage of our omni-channel loyalty scheme which offers player incentives and points, etc.

EEGReport Magazine: Many of our clients are asking about the managing of multiple brands under one system. Does the Bit8 platform have that? 

Angelo Dalli: The Bi8 platform can be deployed across multiple data centres and sites, with our Global View system aggregating data from multiple deployments in one unified global consolidated view. Multiple jurisdictions are supported via jurisdiction-specific extension modules, utilising the same core everywhere in the world. We support multiple jurisdictions in an extremely flexible manner, where the core remains the same and jurisdiction specific extension packs/modules are provided containing specific functions and/or tools that are specific towards a Regulatory Authority. Compliance tools supported are specific towards different jurisdictions, and may include encrypted data vaults, electronic signatures, centralised self-exclusion registers, data archives and audit trails, etc.  The newest issue in the industry is related to emerging markets that include a separate jurisdiction for software suppliers.

EEGReport Magazine: Is Bit8 licensed to operate in Eastern and Central European countries? How about “White Label” solutions for multiple jurisdictions?

Angelo Dalli: We work together with partners all over the world and are very aware about jurisdictional difference from country to country.  We use the operator’s licence in each different country rather than our own. We have signed up major operators in Eastern European countries, with a big announcement on the way. It works much more smoothly using an operator’s licence.  At the moment don’t offer white label services for multiple jurisdictions. We do offer a hosted service, however, if brands want to host and use our technical infrastructure.

EEGReport Magazine: All right, I think I’ve picked your brain, here comes the fun part. As I know you are quite a marathon runner. How does that work out with your demanding job?

Angelo Dalli: I try to find time wherever I am. Running is easy to do anywhere in the world – you just need a pair of trainers, shorts and a t-shirt. I find it helps with the stresses and strains of the job. It keeps me fit and healthy, and helps me be disciplined, which is also good for business. Who is your favorite celebrity? I’m not much of a celebrity type of person, if I’m honest. I think people who want me to say Kim Kardashian here are going to be disappointed! I think the person I identify with most is Isaac Newton. He was a genius too….only joking!

EEGReport Magazine: How do you rate the chances of Eastern Europe becoming a potential gaming hotspot of the future? Where do you think the region must improve upon?

Angelo Dalli: Eastern Europe definitely has the opportunity to become a real hotpsot. In many respects it already is, in the land-based environment. Online is waiting in the wings to do the same thing. In order to improve, I think there are still some fraud issues which the industry over here can address better. If payment system were better this would be easier to control. In some places internet connections could be a lot better too.

EEGReport Magazine: You have probably been to many place, where would you like to travel in Eastern Europe, some part of the region maybe that you haven’t visited yet?

Angelo Dalli: I’ve actually been lucky enough to travel extensively throughout Eastern Europe. I speak a number of different Slavic languages which gives me a bit of an advantage.  My wife is also Ukrainian so I have a lot of personal connections to this part of the world. I’d like to think all of that gives me a social and cultural understanding of the region and gives Bit8 and I a certain advantage. I don’t think everybody ‘gets’ Eastern Europe, particularly at first. We do.

EEGReport Magazine: Where wouldn’t you want to travel in Eastern Europe?

Angelo Dalli: Wow that’s a loaded question! This sounds like a diplomatic answer, but I genuinely find all of Eastern Europe fascinating. There are so many similarities, yet so many differences between the countries too. It’s a great place to travel and, increasingly, a good place to do business.

EEGReport Magazine: What is your opinion about EEG (Eastern European Gaming –

Angelo Dalli: It’s a very Innovative and certainly has a lot of potential. It is great for gaming industry in Eastern Europe, obviously, but it also provides suppliers and operators from outside Eastern Europe with a forum to come and do business.