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Are You Playing to Win in Online Slots Games?



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One of the simplest forms of gambling is the fruit machine. You begin by inserting money or a card then you pull the lever or press the button. The essence doesn’t really change when you play online. You still start by placing your bet then click to get the slots going.

It may seem that winning depends solely on your luck. You’ll be happy to learn that there are strategies that can raise your chances. They might not provide a hundred percent guarantee of hitting the jackpot, but they are sure to make things more fun for you.

  1.   Manage your bankroll

This tip comes in two parts. First, you should decide beforehand how much you can spend. Doing so will help you determine which games you can or cannot afford. Next, build up your budget. This means you should bet on the minimum until you have a nice amount. Later on, you can increase your bet but remember to keep it reasonable or you’ll go broke.

  1.   Pick your best game

Regardless if you’re playing MMORPGs or online slots, there will always be games that you’re not good at. Always choose the one that you excel. Only when you have a nice profit, as we’ve mentioned above, should you try experimenting.

  1.   Understand the mechanics

It can be pretty hard to defeat the enemy when you don’t know the potential of your video game character? The same goes with the slot. You can’t win just by clicking away until you run out of money. No matter how familiar a certain game might seem, there will always be something new that could make or break your chances of victory.

  1.   Activate the bonus rounds

Many movie-themed or 3D slot games have free spins that can net you more winnings.  Figure out how to activate them then make full use of them while you can.

  1.   Use the free credits

Before you spend real money, use up the free credits. They may not be like the real thing but they will help you get a grasp of how the betting works for a certain game. You can usually enjoy these freebies when you first sign up. Make sure that you don’t waste them as its likely you won’t get any more in the future.

  1.   Know when to stop

It’s easy to think that you can keep winning. However, there’s also the chance that you end up losing your winnings because of one bet too many. You have to keep in mind that you won’t always be an instant winner. It’s better to take your winnings before your luck runs out.

  1.   Just have fun

Go into the game expecting to lose. It certainly beats being overconfident and ending up with a negative return. Your goal shouldn’t be to have a winning streak, though that would be nice. Instead, it should be to enjoy yourself while you’re playing. You should have a similar motivation as to when you’re playing Super Mario—to have fun.

You know how RPGs have game guides? As you can see, the online slots don’t have one with as much detail but it still points you in the right direction. If you want to give these strategies a try, you can play at Celeblotto.

Source: Latest News on European Gaming Media Network

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Rank Group appoints Tang Hong Cheong as non-executive director



Rank Group appoints Tang Hong Cheong as non-executive directorReading Time: 1 minute


The Malaysian executive, Tang Hong Cheong has been appointed as a non-executive director at UK gambling operator Rank Group Plc.

He served as President and CEO of Asian firm Guoco Group since 2016. Tang Hong Cheong has also worked as Chief Executive of Malaysian investment conglomerate Hong Leong Group. His expertise as a C-level executive includes corporate financing, risk management, transformation projects and strategic planning.

“I am pleased to welcome Hong Cheong to the Rank board. Hong Cheong has been working with the management of Rank since 2010 and has a broad understanding of the operational, financial and business aspects of the Company,” Rank Group Plc chairman Ian Burke said. He added: “With Hong Cheong joining the board, he will be able to further enhance the communication between Rank and its major shareholder and, with his extensive commercial experience, be able to bring valuable contributions to the Rank board.”


Source: Latest News on European Gaming Media Network
This is a Syndicated News piece. Photo credits or photo sources can be found on the source article: Rank Group appoints Tang Hong Cheong as non-executive director

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Delaware continued it’s strong performance in December



Delaware continued it's strong performance in DecemberReading Time: 1 minute


Delaware shows another strong performance on legalised sports betting in December. An increase in stakes on its online gaming market pushed annual revenue for the sector up 8 per cent year-on-year.

Net proceeds from legal sports betting amounted to $2.2m last month, up from $1.1m in November. This was mainly down to players winning less in December, with the $13.6m.

Delaware Park remains the main source of sports betting income for Delaware, with revenue in December amounting to $1.5m, from handle of $10.8m. Since launching legal sports betting on June 24, Delaware has generated revenue of $8.9m in total, with punters staking $87.0m.

There is good news for Delaware’s struggling online gaming market after a strong performance in December helped push full-year revenue to $2.6m, up by 8 per cent on $2.4m in 2017.

Source: Latest News on European Gaming Media Network
This is a Syndicated News piece. Photo credits or photo sources can be found on the source article: Delaware continued it’s strong performance in December

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Poland to fight against tax crimes



Poland to fight against tax crimesReading Time: 1 minute


A law has been prepared by the Ministry of Justice, which allows effective counteracting organised crime, especially tax crime, illegal circulation of alcohol, cigarettes and electronics or illegal gambling. This is done by the amendment of the Penal Code prepared in the Ministry of Justice.

The new law aimed at criminals who are cheating on taxes, duties or excises.

Revenues from VAT to the state budget in 2017 increased by PLN 30 billion, which is by almost a quarter compared to the previous year. This is more than all year spending on the “Rodzina 500+” programme.

The next action is far-reaching changes in the Penal Fiscal Code. They are necessary because the obsolete law (the Penal Fiscal Code Act has not undergone a deeper amendment for 10 years) means that huge amounts instead of, for example, social purposes go to the pockets of criminals who cheat on taxes, duties or excises.

Source: Latest News on European Gaming Media Network
This is a Syndicated News piece. Photo credits or photo sources can be found on the source article: Poland to fight against tax crimes

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