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BEGE Expo 2015 recorded a great success! (EEGReport – Magazine – Issue2 – February – May 2016)



Тhe most important event in the gaming and entertainment industry in the Balkans and Eastern Europe – BEGE Expo was held for 8th consecutive year from 24th to 25th November in Inter Expo Center, Sofia. The leading gaming show for Eastern Europe doubled its size than last year. Over 60 companies from the region and around the world attended the event by presenting their latest product developments, inspiring ideas and technological solutions. Over 4000 visitors came to enjoy the rich entertaining programe and experience the latest achievements in the gaming world endorsing BEGE Expo as a must visit event in the Balkans and Eastern Europe.

BEGE Expo became once again the hot spot for innovation, entertainment and  fruitful business contacts gathering together exhibitors, from over 14 countries: Bulgaria, Korea, the Great Britain, USA, Malta, Latvia, Italy, Romania, Slovenia, Serbia, Sweden, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Gibraltar and Isle of Man as well as vendors, operators and industry professionals from around the globe. The exhibiting companies presented products and services used in the operation of hotels and casinos, entertainment  and shopping centers, restaurants, bars as well as solutions from the marketing sector, digital technologies, mobile applications, security and control systems, vending equipment and others.

Supporting the initiative and its contribution to the gaming industry several official guests as follows: Mr. Ognemir Mitev – Chairman of the State Comission on Gambling, Mr. Kiril Domuschiev, Chairman of the Confederation of Employers and Industrialist in Bulgaria and Mr. Angel Iribozov – Chairman of the Management board of the Bulgarian Trade Association of Manufacturers and Operators in the Gaming Industry (BTAMOGI) presented their special adresses to all exhibitors and visitors.

We are extremely proud to announce that BEGE Expo 2015 gathered a great number of exhibitors and we strongly believe that the exhibition will surpass the success of its previous editions while encouriging the innovations and professionalism in the sector”, said Angel Iribozov, Chairman of BTAMOGI.

As a strong argument in favor of Mr. Iribozov’s statemen is the fact that plenty of the international leaders of the industry choose to present their latest achievements at BEGE Expo 2015 such as : Novomatic, Apex, Alfastreet Slovenia, Кonami with their European representatives Intergames, Interblock, Alpha Display, HMT – Live, Advansys, Gold Club, BetConstruct, SBTech, IGT, SUZOHAPP, VNE Srl, Fininvest, Future Gaming Europe AB, Nsoft, NYX Gaming Group, Casino Systems Production, Casino Technology, Casino Technology Interactive, EGT, Alfastreet Trade BG, Bulgames, Casino Game Inovation, Novo Invest Bulgaria – part of Novomatic company group, Noble Gaming, Rodiz, Vartec, Decart, Wizzy Cast, AvantX Technology, Inter Service Uzunovi, Enco Vending, Barrisol Bulgaria, SBB Group, Alberici, Bit8, Cards Print, E-Service, Baum Games, Ezugi, Gamayun, IGSoft, Innovative Technology, London Gaming Company, Pegasus Gaming Solutions, Odds&More, Proxima 3, Pioner 2, Tableswin, Tain AB, V-teck and many more.


For another consecutive year Future Gaming and Advansys highlighted their Casino Management Systems. The European manufacturer Apex Gaming showcased its brand new cabinets and multigames, its innovative iDROP  solution for simple mounting at the gaming table as well as the EVO platform enabling pin-sharp and high-definition graphics to be displayed.


The leading Bulgarian manufacturer Casino Technology presented its premium product – ARCH slot machine – the first of its kind in the gaming industry with its unique, horizontally positioned, 42″ full HD, curved, gaming customized display integrating the compelling multigame series  GAMOPOLIS ARCH including 20 unique titles of the popular GAMOPOLIS library complemented by the captivating jackpot theme THE CITY OF GAMES. . .

Another centerpiece of Casino Technology’s booth was the latest version of the global hit multi-game series GAMOPOLIS – SPEEDWAY including over 40 games, brand new interface and enhanced game play. GAMOPOLIS HIGHWAY was presented with its top versions covering over 200 unique titles gaining a special recognition all over the world.  Responding to the customer demand and recent product trends, Casino Technology demonstrated the innovative and dedicated multilevel progressive jackpot link called 8 PEACOCKS™ including 5 smartly tailored games led by the shining star PEACOCK&DRAGON™ which was presented in a themed bank of machines. The company’s Interactive division presented the complete multichannel gaming solution called THE BIG 5™ combining a Casino Management System, a Jackpot Server, a Remote Game Server, an Online Gaming Platform and a Money Management System. With its wide range of modules and functionality, the system suite caught the attention of the customers and visitors of the company’s booth.


~Another Bulgarian compan~

JPL presented its latest multi-game seriesUnited Dreams Multigame, inclusive of 15 games.

Avant-X Technology provided its brand new developments in digital signage with its system WizzyCast™ as well as the ultimate products and platforms such as EYESIGHT и WIZZYCAST Jackpot Visualization Engine (JVE).

SUZOHAPP demonstrated a rich palette of components and touch monitors, validators, ticket printers, push buttons, and various cabinets’ components.

EGT presented a complete product line amongs were P-24/24 Up cabinet from the Premier Series and the authentic roulette Premier R8, the progressive link Egypt Quest, Diamond Life, Lady’s Cards and Cat 4 Cash. EGT highlighed on its brand new slant top cabinet  – P-24/24 St Slim.

As the official representative of Safescan, at this year’s show Vartec presented a whole new product line. Innovative Technology provided various payment options. The company focused on the SMART range of mixed note and coin recycling solutions and a number of new ticketing products from traditional flatbed ticket printers to compact ticket printers and the SMART Ticket which combines a flagship banknote validator with ticket in / ticket out capabilities.

Decart outshined with its Casino Management System IMPERIUM, as well as the MELIORA platform, the electronic table for Black Jack – CGI BLACK JACK, and the automatic system for a complete Bingo halls – E-Bingo.


BEGE Awards

Traditionally, the BEGE Awards are presented to the leading companies in the industry for their contributions and outstanding performance. 2015 category winners have distinguished themselves with creativity, innovation and genuine ideas, earning a recognition within the industry and contributing to the gaming technology advancement around the world.

The ceremony started with The Most Innovative Product of 2015 nomination where the ARCH™ slot machine by Casino Technology won. The award for the most successful multi-game product for 2015 was presented to EGT Premier Series. United Dreams Multigame by JPL was recognized as the most successful positioning of a new product brand. SUZOHAPP took the award for the Most Loyal Components Supplier. The Most Comprehensive Platform for Online Betting and Remote Games nomination was presented to NYX OGS by Nyx Gaming Group.

The local operators market was also distinguished by presenting Most effective operations marketing strategy for 2015 to Efbet, Operator with the best concept for a complete gaming and entertainment complex for the year to Royale Palms Casinos as well as the operator offering the best selection of versatile gaming equipment to SESAME gaming clubs.

The most popular product in the gaming industry for 2015 went to New Games and Eurobet. Eurofootball took the award for Social responsible company for 2015. The annual award for the Most progressive international company was presented to Novo Invest Bulgaria, a part of NOVOMATIC Group of companies and Alfastreet Trade BG was recognized as the company providing the Most versatile mix of imported gaming equipment.


Meeting with the National Regulator

With its role to set improvements and present latest developments, achievements and changes in  the industry, the exhibition became once again a meeting point between the State Commission on Gambling and the local operators where they had the chance to discuss the latest trends and regulatory changes in the sector for the past year and see them from different point of view in order to achieve better results in the following year.


Miss Gaming BEGE beauty contest

Following its vision to provide high quality entertainment and a world-class gaming experience, BEGE Expo kept the tradition of organizing the  spectacular Miss Gaming BEGE beauty contest where 19 leading casinos and gaming halls from Bulgaria and Serbia were presented by the most beautiful women in the gaming industry competing for the crown of the 4th edition ofthe glamorous show. . The pretenders rocked the floor while catwalking and presenting their casino brands and the latest fashion trends enjoying the applauses of all visitors and exhibitors.


Career Center

The Career Center initiated by BEGE Expo reported excellent results by gathering together students from the leading Bulgarian universities and offering   useful information focused on their professional career paths. Around one hundred Bulgarian students registered online and attended the exhibition as well as its accompanying events.


What exhibitors say:

BEGE Expo is the ideal exhibition to reach out to the gaming market in the entire Balkan region and the bordering countries.” – APEX

Our motives to participate in BEGE are related with the opportunity of meeting potential clients and learning more about the casino industry.” – Cards Print

Since BEGE is the largest industry exhibition in this part of the world, we understand that it is a crucial platform for presenting our products” – Innovative Technology

BEGE is an exclusive gathering place for gaming players and operators. The event gives us the possibility to build our network and create partnerships whilst introducing and presenting our data customisation tool to the online gambling market.” – Odds&More

BEGE is the must attend show of the Balkan area, the best showcase to display our integrated solutions specifically designed for the Gaming market. ” – SUZOHAPP

BEGE Expo is an awesome window on the very growing market of Gaming and Casinos world of the Balkan area.“ – Tableswin

BEGE Expo 2015 once again has confirmed its positions as a very important event for developing the gaming industry in Bulgaria and the Eastern European region.


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BEGE Expo – the most important exhibition in the gaming, entertainment and leisure industry in the Balkans and Eastern Europe that has been bringing together exhibitors and visitors from around the world for the ninth consecutive year. The exhibiting companies present products and services used in the operation of hotels and casinos, entertainment centers, shopping centers, restaurants, bars and etc. as well as solutions from the marketing sector, digital technologies, mobile applications, security and control systems, vending equipment and others.





Tom Light -SBTech Interview- (EEGReport – Magazine – Issue2 – February – May 2016)



EEGReport Magazine: Eastern European markets are growing at an incredible rate and I don’t think that anyone can argue about the fact the sports betting is the biggest niche when it comes to online gambling in Eastern Europe. Do you feel that this is accurate?

principal_201601290206592a6bb2f1c7a9df1dd69f04d4fa2c3b8bTom Light: In most cases yes, we see that in countries such as Bulgaria, Czech, Hungary, Lithuania & Poland, sports betting is accountable for 75%-90% of the Gaming GGR, which includes Sports, Casino, Poker & Bingo. For markets like Latvia, Romania & Slovakia Sports is still a major sector within the gaming industry being accountable for 30%-50% of the GGR.

In play in particular has been a growth denominator in the past years for online sports-betting, allowing the punter roll-over his funds several time during one match.

Beyond the turnover it is important to mention that the margin is much high when it comes to sports betting, as well as the image of sportsbetting, which says that if you are good and knowledgeable you can make money.

We should even see a bigger increase during the Euros coming this June, as many non-punters would start betting on their favorite reprehensive teams.

EEGReport Magazine: Can you maybe give examples of countries where this isn’t happening and casino or other gambling products might surpass the sport betting audience? You can even mention markets that aren’t yet legalized in terms of licensing.

Tom Light: Romania is an example for a country that up to last year had 10% more turnover on casinos then on sportsbetting, I think this is related to regulations and since the new regulations came in to place I’m sure that during 2016 sportsbetting GGR will surpass casino.

To put in perspective, globally, the sportsbetting GGR is bigger than the all the other gaming sectors…Combined!

EEGReport Magazine: There has been a lot of innovation when it comes to sports betting products, and with one of the major European soccer event coming up this June, are you guys busy in the lab trying to bring new technology that will make online sports betting easier or even more attractive?

Tom Light: These days we are simply talking about personalization, which in core is the knowledge the operator has for each of his punters, the more knowledge the more personalized. Data can be gathered via the most common logs of all betting activities, behavior on the website, but even polls and ‘Mark as favorite’ buttons. Mapping this business intelligence is not a simple task, but the operators who are able to do so will have amazing insights on their clients.

Once data is collected and offer must be created via various algorithm and rules, based on many variables such as favorite teams/leagues, past winnings, past losings, trigger-happy cashout, etc… in order to create various offers for example:

“Manchester United did the job for you last time, can they do it again?” (While adding a betting button).

These offers are much more effective and are much more converting then just showing a generic offer to all customers or even to customer segments.

Another way to create offers, is using cross-player data, same as amazon does, with:
“Customer who bought these products, also liked XYZ …”. The likes of Bettorlogic offers this type of service which is taking the betting behavior of punters who made similar bets and are informing the customer which bets he might like. Since this is a more social way of bet recommendation, this might be more appealing to the punter which might not driven from the ‘house’ recommendations, as much as the activities of other partners.

The last part is to serve this offer in a proper matter, which can be targeted ads, SMS marketing, push notifications, widgets / pop-up on the site, or even gentle highlights of bet markets across the page.

EEGReport Magazine: Most of the Eastern European countries have qualified for the EURO 2016, this means that you don’t have to a betting fanatic to bet on your country during such events. Everyone will do it for at list the period on which the tournament is being played. What does this mean for online sports betting operators and especially software providers?

Tom Light: Back in the day, it was very clear, if you are an Italian operator, and there is a game ‘Italy VS Portugal’, you are as much gambling as all the punters on your sportsbook – the risk was one sided, and the results were sometimes amazing but other times destructive.

In today’s world, this scenario cannot happen, the punters are betting 85% of the times on in-play live betting where the bet markets are very liquid, such as fast markets – what will happen in the next one minute, corners, 1×2 rest of the match, etc… all these markets spread the risk around various bet selection making the operator the desired margin instead of a roller coaster.

EEGReport Magazine: Looking further into the future. What are in your opinion the top markets that are going to open up for online gambling in Eastern/Central Europe?

Tom Light: I would look at Netherlands, Czech Republic, Portugal, and the evolving of the Romanian market.

Netherlands being a market proven in the .com market with high PV.

Czech Republic which is the Eastern European diamond, which is now dominated by TipSport, iFortuna, Sazka, Synot and StarTyp will open up Jan 2017 for additional licenses by international companies.

Portugal, with mass-market attraction for sportsbetting, various .com case studies such as BWIN and Betsson(Dhoze).

And of course the Romanian market which is proving to be very fruitful by the day.

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Tom John Light Biography – (EEGReport – Magazine – Issue2 – February – May 2016)



Tom John Light was born and presently resides in Tel Aviv, Israel. Tom has lived and traveled worldwide and is highly knowledgeable and experienced working in various global regions.


Tom has been working in the gaming industry for many years with a focus on casino operations and sports betting. Currently Tom acts as Vice President of Business Development at SBTech. He is renowned for his role as Vice President of Business Development at FashionTV.  Additionally Tom has successfully served as CEO for several online gaming companies such as 7Red Casino and 1King Casino.


Tom is recognized for his high involvement with the creation of the Online How-To Guide ‘eHow’ and has been featured/published in various interviews and articles.

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Gal Ackerman Crowdtrading – (EEGReport – Magazine – Issue2 – February – May 2016)



EEGReport Magazine: In the last couple of years we have seen a growth in the launch of financial programs, but none of them seems to attract so many new traders as Trade360. The innovation which came with CrowdTrading seems to have swept the enthusiastic traders off their feet and they now choose your platform for their trading activities. What is the real innovation behind this phenomenon?

gal-ackerman-trade360-890x395_cGal Ackerman: In a nutshell, CrowdTrading is about taking the big data that banks and brokers rely on and putting it in the hands of the people. Revealing how new market trends develop in real-time is really the perfect way for new Traders to get a feel for the rhythm of the markets, and as their knowledge grows, their profits should too!

EEGReport Magazine: When it comes to financial trading programs and platform, a huge concern always is raised and it’s a concern the EU is trying to battle daily. It is concerns regarding Money Laundering. How is Trade360 with such problems, has there been any incident, is it tracked and reported?

Gal Ackerman: We have a talented and experienced team dedicated to AML. So far, we’ve managed to identify and prevent the handful of attempts that have been made to cheat the system. We’ve reported each incident to the appropriate authorities and we’re confident that we’ll continue to stay well ahead of the curve and maintain our all-important integrity.

EEGReport Magazine: Since Trade360 is a rather new financial service form, it falls within the newer and stricter operating guidelines issued by CySEC. How are client deposits protected and standards executed in this enhanced regulation?

 Gal Ackerman: Our legal team in Cyprus is in constant contact with CySEc to ensure full regulatory compliance. Our clients’ funds are held securely in segregated accounts at top-tier EU banks and our customer support team is always working to ensure the highest standards of service across the board.

EEGReport Magazine: How are the affiliates taking advantage in promoting this innovative way of trading? There certainly has to be a high demand for marketing materials and payouts. We’ve seen that there is a top $650 CPA for affiliates.

Gal Ackerman: The growth in our Affiliates Programme has been exponential, and we’re all very proud to be part of it. We know that to attract the finest Affiliate talent, we need to pay the best CPA, and I’m so pleased that there have been so many substantial payouts in such a short time. Our USPs are proving to be super-appealing to clients, feedback from Affiliates is universally positive, and it’s very gratifying that collateral take-up is so high.

EEGReport Magazine: As we know, you have always been in the Financial industry. In your expert opinion, can there still be room for innovation in these trading platforms? We have witnessed so many these couple of years, that gave access for individuals that did not know anything about trading to start and venture into this great niche.

Gal Ackerman: I think there will be major convergence between people’s social, leisure and economic networks over the next few years, with advances in augmented reality enabling us to multi-task far more effectively. And with the growth of decentralized, crowd-based and peer-to-peer financial services, I think we’re going to see some very interesting developments in terms of synergy, gamification and crowd investing. Watch this space!


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