Innovation Talks: BetConstruct – Open Source Player Management System (EEGReport Magazine – Issue 5 – February – May 2017)

EEGReportMagazine: In October 2016, BetConstruct unveiled another innovation for the gaming industry – the first Open-Source Player Management System. The official launch is scheduled for this year (2017). Could you give us an inside perspective about what operators should expect in terms of accessing the platform and being part of this great initiative?

Vigen Badalyan: We have a clear-cut vision and road-map for our open-source product. If described in a word, this project I would call ‘organic’ – this is the word that could probably best describe everything we have and do at BetConstruct.
The ideation of this project was very organic, too. We constantly analyse the needs of our partners and based on those needs we develop services and present them to the market. We came up with the idea of open-source player management system because there were companies who wanted to cooperate with us while being platform-independent. Therefore, we decided to implement such a system to address the market demand.
Through our open-source player management system we want to give betting enterprises an opportunity to grow even faster and stay platform-independent. Our modular software architecture will allow operators to easily access and utilize our products and improve their services.

EEGReportMagazine: From the information we have, you will release the Player Management System (PMS) portion based on the Spring Platform and the Open-Source PMS will be distributed under the MIT Licence. What was the main idea behind developing this product and what are your expectations from it?

Vigen Badalyan: Expectations are great as is the work done. BetConstruct’s main business development direction this year, conceptualized as ‘The Door’, is to provide betting companies all the services they need to grow their businesses. Through the years we managed to create and develop our system that allows every gambling business to take advantage of services such as Gaming Management System, Customer Relationship Management, Content Management System, etc…
After much thought and long consideration we came up with an idea that we need one more step in order to assist operators who want to use our software solutions without any dependencies from our platform. And going open-source is what will help them minimize dependencies.

EEGReportMagazine: We just live the idea of being able to tweak your code without having to ask the software owner to do it for you and the fact that you are also launching developer community for open discussion is certainly revolutionary in the world of gaming software providers. How large do you anticipate this community will grow?

Vigen Badalyan: There are bright and creative minds in and outside the industry. Why not bring the best minds from outside? Being distributed under the MIT License gives enterprises and developers an opportunity to flexibly add software components needed for their services. There are currently tens of thousands of developers involved in the betting and gaming industry. We believe that given the fact of the freedom that we provide, our open-source player management system will be interesting for many of them.

EEGReportMagazine: When it comes to online security, we all have to protect ourselves from hacking attempts, etc. Are you locking up every small door that would potentially harm your products or even the other operators that are using it?

Vigen Badalyan: Freedom and security. We choose both and it is really possible not to surrender one for the other. Actually, trust means much to me personally. Our partners trust us and our technologies. It is the trust that has helped us reach where we are now. That’s why, the protection of our software systems is a continuous process and our professionals constantly pen-test our products in order to make sure that it is secure for us and our partners.

EEGReportMagazine: Can you tell us more about the innovative Slot Builder? Sure sounds interesting and probably will be put to use by many slot maniacs.

Vigen Badalyan: We wondered why creating a slot should be hard. Why not develop a solution that would make it easy for people like me who are not developers to create a slot?
Slot builder also came from the needs of our partners. There are many games that our partners want to have on their websites but they don’t have enough engineering personnel to develop them. SlotBuilder is the tool that helps them solve the problem. On the other side, we bring to the gaming industry creative minds, for example designers. You don’t have to be a developer. Having a creative idea is totally enough.
You create your design, integrate it into the slot logics and get a ready slot which is verified and promoted to our partner network. And you get revenue share. Isn’t it simple?

EEGReportMagazine: What products will you be highlighting next year? Any inside info about the launch date?

Vigen Badalyan: Our company provides 26 different products and services to the market. Everything depends on the hard work of each team and its leader.