Jan Řehola – (EEGReport – Magazine – Issue2 – February – May 2016)

Jan Řehola has over 6 years of experiences in gambling field, both from the public and private sector.

He is a master of Law from the Charles University in Prague.

Jan has been working for 4 years for the Ministry of Finance – Czech Gambling regulator, firstly as a Head of the Legal Unit and later as a Director of Gambling Department. In his work for the Czech Gambling regulator Jan was responsible for all gambling policy issues, including drafting of new legislation, issuing of gambling licences and cooperation with other European regulators as a member of European Commission Expert Group on Online Gambling.

Due to his background, he is well versed in all aspects of gambling operations.

Now he is a private consultant specialized in gambling and one of the founders of BetOnSkill Consulting, Ltd.

BetOnSkill Consulting, Ltd. is a private company specialised in providing a full service international gaming consultancy to all sectors of the gaming industry (legal consultancy, product development, licensing process, authorisation process). Its team is formed with very experienced people with rich experiences in gambling industry and practice from private and public sector. This helps their clients to operate successfully in the gaming field. BetOnSkill’s clients are mainly gambling companies pursuing licence in Central and Eastern European countries which are helped in the process of accreditation, certification, licensing and operation.