Jos Moes Voetbal-wedtips – (EEGReport – Magazine – Issue2 – February – May 2016)

EEGReport Magazine: Tell us a bit about yourself, how did you venture into this industry?


Jos Moes: My name is Jos Moes owner of and In my childhood I was always a busy man in building websites. Next to technology i am a huge sports fan, especially football, darts and tennis I could watch those sports all day. When I was 17 years old a made for fun a sports website with a bookmaker add on it. After 2 months there was some Russian guy who gambled for €4000 by the add on my site. When I saw the result of of my earnings I thought the gambling business could be an interesting industry.  After my study I started a dutch football tipster page on Facebook, back in the days those kind of pages where very new. If you look at it these days you find 1000’s of them. At a certain point I was one of the top pages in the BeNeLux with a good income of the affiliate earnings. The money earned with my facebook page was invested in a new website which was launched 3 years ago called Voetbalwedtips. with 1500 page views a day it was a big success in Holland but then the mobile versions of websites came through. I decided to renew the whole page added more sports and  some nice elements included trophy’s, tipster competitions and a mobile website. With Sportwedtips we are now one month live with a beta and it’s really succesfull if we look to the traffic we already got. When all the small bugs are fixed in the beta version we will deploy our international site to on  and try to be successful global to.

 EEGReport Magazine: Is there a huge competition in your country regarding bookmaker reviews or are there many affiliates that target this niche?

Jos Moes: In the Netherlands and Belgium the competition is not as huge as in for example the UK.  But the hard thing is to be unique from other pages cause the number of gamblers is not as high as in the UK to, so you have to bring something special to get traffic and members to join our platforms.  With our new international website coming, we know it would be difficult to get between the big boys but we lika a challenge so it’s fun to do.

 EEGReport Magazine: What were the bumps on your road when you got started and how did you overcome them?

Jos Moes: In my opinion there are a few:

  1. When you work together with other programmers who doesn’t know a thing about gambling, sometimes it’s hard to explain some betting related terms or formulas.

  2. Because of the large amount of offers and some popular bookmakers people use mostly it’s hard to find customers for bookmakers with a less known name and to let your players keep playing at those bookies. But nice deals and good promotions will do the trick mostly.

  3. Because all the bookies are such big companies it’s difficult to get things fixed quickly. Some elements need to go by several ways for you get a decent solution or answer on your question.

  EEGReport Magazine: As we know you have recently launched a new tipster website and a you are workingon a new platform that involves odds compare, etc. Could you fill us in on the details?

Jos Moes: Our new tipster website is a free to use tipster website were people can subscribe for free and post tips on the website. The website keep track of your stats so the only thing you have to do is post tips and write analysis. It almost workst the same as a  random Social Media website but then betting related. You can follow other tipsters, write previews, post tips , use the forum, win badges and join tipster competitions with huge prices. Those things are very important in our eyes cause it needs to be fun to visit our site, but it also needs to informative and usefull. Combine those two elements and it have to be a success formula.

You’re also right about our Odds compartison website. We are working hard on a new odds comparision website with the most usefull data for a sports handicapper as h2h, latest results, suspensions and livescores. We want to combine all the good elements a handicapper needs to get information to post a tip. Next to that we are going to offer other betting related pages our services in the form of API files, custom made banners with live odds, livescore apps etc. This project the biggest one so far and we hope to get this one done in the summer of 2016. The main reason to build this site was because our tipster pages our now working on api’s from bookies and other plugins. We want to control everything by ourselves so we came up to build a site like this.

 EEGReport Magazine: How do you keep the content fresh and devoid of clutter when a lot of fluff and nonsense appear on the Internet on a daily basis?

Jos Moes: That’s a good question. Now a days you see one message  is going viral on twenty different betting related pages a day. Everybody is copying each others articles to gain more followers. We also see this things happen at our pages to, tips posted on our page are posted one hour later on some other so called tipster pages.  Our main key is to keep our articles related to our page and write them ourselves instead of copying and adjust some things. Also an important thing is to be the first one with something, if you post something first, you will mostly get the credits you deserve. So the lesson of today is BE ORIGINAL!

 EEGReport Magazine: How are the ongoing and seems like never ending Google algorithm updates affecting your rankings and traffic?

Jos Moes: Technology is never sleeping, so you cant sleep to. Changes are good and if you want to be successful you have to be up to date on technology o a daily base.

 EEGReport Magazine: What was your biggest earning per month or than again what was your smallest?

Jos Moes: Nice question! In our three years of Voetbalwedtips, our biggest monthly earning was 12k. That month was huge and I still know my feeling when I saw the amount on my screen.  The smallest on the other hand was about € 3.00 and sometimes people win big and you get those hatefully negative carry overs haha.

 EEGReport Magazine: Have saved this for last, what is your opinion about emerging markets? Do they present a huge opportunity for affiliates seeking to enter new markets and being the first ones to promote certain operators?

Jos Moes: I think it’s always good to grow as a company and emerging markets can help with this. As affiliate it’s essential to get good account managers who does inform you with the latest  developments so you can bring it over as first to your customers and get the best out of each deal or market. Some companies are very good in this things and at the big brands you see a low amount of new promotions and markets cause they already got their customer in.