Online Lottery – LOTTO HERO: A Lot of Potential (EEGReport Magazine – Issue 6 – June – September 2017)

Angelo Dalli, CEO of Lotto Hero, on why advancements in technology and product now fit for Millennials will see lottery a growing force in Eastern Europe

Regulation is sweeping across Eastern Europe with many of the industry’s big players entering new territories, while local operators are taking advantage of the surge in popularity by moving their businesses into the online environment for the first time.

There’s an abundance of online sportsbook and casino operators which are already enjoying success thanks to an influx of new customers. This growth in activity also means there’s a fantastic opportunity for these operators to cross-sell into different verticals, whether it be virtual sports, poker, or bingo, to maximise a customer’s lifetime value.

The lottery vertical, however, has been somewhat slow to capitalise on the online and mobile space, with many brands in Eastern Europe and other parts of the world yet to offer a proper omni-channel product attractive enough to entice customers in.

The lottery industry has for some time needed to adapt its ways and bring itself into the modern era. Many still consider it an offline experience, and that’s no surprise considering the norm is still to head into a retail outlet and buy a paper ticket.

However, the vertical has huge omni-channel potential if it can produce innovative products that bring it into the 21st century.


Targeting the Millennials

Quite simply, lottery has failed to tap into the younger demographic that are more inclined to place a bet on a sporting event or take a spin in a casino, either online or on a mobile device.

In Romania for instance, which regulated in 2015, there’s a surging interest from the Millennials in betting and gaming. It is estimated a third of all Romanians that gamble on a weekly basis are aged between 18 and 24.

For some time now this generation has regarded lottery as an old pastime, largely due to the fact the vertical hasn’t been exciting enough to attract new and existing customers.

However, thanks to innovators looking to disrupt the space, we’re finally seeing the vertical burst into life with fresh games for the online and mobile environment.


Fresh ideas in the lottery sector

In the same way Amazon has revolutionised the online shopping experience and Netflix has transformed the way in which we watch films, technology is a key driving force behind the renaissance of lottery.

Here at Lotto Hero, we are determined to offer commercial operators in Eastern Europe the opportunity to help them capitalise on the potential of lottery, and have developed an innovative new product.

Lotto Hero is a new mobile-friendly lottery game which gives players the chance to win a guaranteed €1 million an hour, every hour, 24 hours a day. We firmly believe this fresh, intuitive, and very engaging game will shake up an ageing vertical that has been patrolled by dinosaurs for far too long.

Just as important, the game is likely to resonate with Millennials too, which is crucial if lottery is to become a significant online gaming vertical in years to come in Eastern Europe.

A completely new gaming concept is sure to provide operators with portfolio differentiation in what is a fiercely competitive Eastern European market.

Lotto Hero is risk free, as we cover any pay-outs, and are able to arrange all the necessary licensing requirements for our partners. We are also offering an attractive commission structure, which means the return to operators is much higher than with casino games like slots.

We have shifted focus to the lottery vertical as we believe it will be the key to driving industry growth this year, not only in Europe but across the globe.

Lottery sits perfectly alongside other game verticals, acting as the glue that holds them together and cross-selling players to games with which they had not previously engaged. But unlike other verticals, lottery hasn’t had a truly innovative platform, product or feature come to market in recent years. But we hope to change all of that with our latest product, and bring lottery out of the shadows and into the light.

If you’re a gaming operator, there has never been a better time to add lottery to your offering. And with opportunities opening up in many of its countries, there has never been a better time to take a stake in the Eastern European market.