Revenue Giants – (EEGReport – Magazine – Issue2 – February – May 2016)

EEGReport Magazine: Revenue Giants refurbished! We took the new Revenue Giants for a spin and have dug deep to find some faults, but haven’t seemed to find any. Can you give us an overview of the recent changes this already trusted program has done to its look and feel?

revenue-giantsRevenue Giants: We redesigned our website to better meet the expectations and needs of our affiliates. We needed our website to say “come join us, we have cookies” LOL! Well, by cookies I mean great tools, dedicated services and awesome conversion rates, of course. Our affiliates can now experience responsive design, improved navigation and optimized speed.

Actually, I’d like to use this opportunity to ask our affiliates for feedback, in case there’s any info they need to find on the site and it’s not there at the moment, we’re here to listen their suggestions.

EEGReport Magazine: There are many affiliate programs out there, some have a larger dedication towards the success of the affiliates while others don’t. In your opinion, what makes and Affiliate Manager do more for their affiliates? Work longer hours? Write the unique reviews? Give SEO and Marketing tips? We want to hear why Revenue Giants is so successful in having many super-affiliates?

Revenue Giants: Our team here has a lot of experience in the industry and each one of our affiliate managers is trying to share their knowledge with his affiliates, so yes, it’s very important for us to provide tips and help them improve their websites and their results overall.

I believe the “recipe for success” is building a strong relationship in time and creating a reliable communication channel, any issue that arises it’s receiving top priority and we’re always making sure to meet the affiliates’ requests and follow their suggestions. In our industry, trust is the key.

It’s also a very “open relationship” if you wish to call it like that, we like to hear honest feedback in order to improve ourselves and our services, our affiliates’ voices are being heard.

Unique reviews? Sure, we’re doing that as well, we’re providing pretty much anything they need, customized material per each site, special promos, you name it 😉

EEGReport Magazine: Having been in the industry for a while now, what is your view regarding the emerging markets in Eastern and Central Europe? There is a large pool of untapped territory for affiliates, but for affiliate programs as well.

Revenue Giants: That’s very true, this is a very dynamic industry…As an affiliate program, we need to be very up to date and constantly monitor the trends, as they’re shifting from one geographical area to another. Eastern and Central Europe have definitely become a “rising star” of affiliate marketing, we actually have a lot of affiliates promoting our clients in these areas, successfully doing so.

EEGReport Magazine: 2016 is the year which is predicted to be the year when the online gambling industry consolidates its place in business world. Do you believe that there is still lack of trust when it comes to online gambling?

Revenue Giants: I think the level of trust has definitely grown in the past year – when it comes to the professionals in the affiliate industry (affiliate managers, networks, affiliates), as well as when it comes to casino representatives and their relationship with their players. The interaction between players and casinos has become much more transparent, thanks to the forums and to the gambling associations, such as yours – you have a very important role in building and maintaining this level of trust.

EEGReport Magazine: Can you give us a perspective of what affiliates can expect from Revenue Giants in this year? Are you guys planning any new addition?

Revenue Giants: Just to give you a sneak peak, there will be a lot of improvements when it comes to our platform, but I will keep the suspense here and officially let you know once the changes apply. Everything we plan to achieve will be in the benefit of our affiliates, to help them convert easier and earn higher commissions. Stay tuned and join 😉